Generative AI Suite

Pick your tools and generate your content

AI Generator

Generate text, image, code, chat and even more with

AI Video

Generate AI Video with your Text, Image

AI Chatbot training

Train Soyjak AI on your own data (website or PDF) and make your AI content exclusive.

AI Voice Over

Voice over your text using our over 100 custom human AI voices

AI Writer

Generate copies with inbuilt custom templates

AI Code

Generate high quality AI code


Generate your NFT, launch on multiple blockchains

AI File Chat

Upload a file (PDF, CSV, .doc or .docx) and extract key insights or summarize the entire document.

AI Vison

Seamlessly upload any image you want to explore and get insightful conversations.

AI Speech to Text

The AI app that turns audio speech into text with ease.

AI Marketplace

A wide range of inbuilt AI browser add-ons

AI Webchat

Analyse website content with URL

AI Teams

Invite your team members and collaborate

Custom templates

Pick among hundreds of custom templates or create your own

AI Plagiarism check /content detector

For academics and schools: Check content against a vast online database for plagiarism


Generate unique content with AI RSS feed

AI Article Wizard

Choose your topic, and watch AI whip up SEO-optimized blog content in a matter of seconds!

AI YouTube

Simply turn your Youtube videos into Blog post.

Flexible Pricing.

Safe Payment: Pay with Crypto and Fiat.

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